Veep Drinking Game

Hawks Pounce The Saints

Seattle SeahawksIt was pointed out to me that most of my posts lately have been downers and a little depressing. So, today I'm going to post on the news over the weekend. Yep, that's right, the Seattle Seahawks, the first team to go to the playoffs with a loosing record beat the New Orleans Saints, the team who won the Super Bowl last year.

Even though the Saints were down a couple of players and they were playing in Seattle, it still wasn't expected that the Seahawks who have stank it up most of the season would beat the Saints. But they did. Do we think they are going to beat Chicago? No of course not, this is Seattle after all. They get our hopes up, then show up for the game, throw a bunch of interceptions, drop balls, and don't run for a crap. But at least we have this win, and we can always hope that a miracle will happen again on the 16th. After all they did beat Chicago last time they played each other, and that was in Chicago.

If anything it gives me an excuse to sit at the bar and drink beer for one more game.