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Washington State Budget Priorities

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
The Washington State government this week passed a budget that cuts about $222 million dollars from the budget. Most of the cuts are in the area of education and health care.

What's interesting about his budget is the areas that don't get cut. In reading the story on the Seattle PI there is no mention of cutting road construction project. Yet when I drive past some road project that isn't really needed, I see a bunch of guys in orange standing around watching the one or two guys working.

They are reducing teachers, yet there is no mention of construction. I was on the Everett Community College campus the other day and noticed a new building and another one in the process of being added on to and remodeled. Next door was a brand new grade school. The Alderwood High School was just torn down and moved to another location. And these are just around me, I can only imagine the building construction going on elsewhere around the state. How about this lawmakers?  No new construction. The students and teachers can manage in the existing buildings and classes. Keep the money for the people who educate them, and save money on the guys who build them.

I know this budget falls in the cities and counties, but how about cutting the police force. They don’t do anything anyway except for sit on the sides of roads and write BS speeding tickets.

I'm sure there are dozens of more effective ways to reduce the budget that I haven't thought of in the last 2 minutes I've been typing. Yet, lawmakers seem to continue regulating with their heads up there butts. Is it because they are truly that clueless, or is it some ploy to make a production out of budget cuts to get us to agree to higher taxes?