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Congress Budget Cutting Everything Except the Military

BohnerGood job you right-wing, tea-bagging, conservative, douche-bags who helped vote the Republicans into control of the House of Representatives.

They voted today to block federal aid to Planned Parenthood, with absolutely no regard to the long-term negative effects of what will happen. No more contraception, medical exams, and counseling to women.

They are making huge cuts to the EPA. And voted to stop limits on mercury pollution from cement factories. Heaven forbid that we attempt to reduce the amount of mercury that ends up in our waterways, and eventually in us.

They voted to block the FCC from enforcing a new rule that prohibits broadband providers from interfering with internet traffic on their networks. This means internet providers can decide what you get to surf the web for, including Netflix. Republicans are deciding what you get to do in your own home.

They are cutting funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

This one is no surprise, they also voted to cut funding for the recently passed Health Care overhaul.

And guess how much they cut their own budget? Just a tiny little bit.

They are going to increase the Pentagon budget by about 2%. Because we need to continue funding our war machine and overly costly military.

I can only hope that Obama remembers who voted him into office and veto's this crap if it ever makes it to his desk.