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More GOP Amendments

Some more on the ridiculous amendments that the republicans are adding to the budget.

Amendment 10 Stearns (R-FL) To stop EPA from developing or issuing standards that list coal ash as hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Amendment 13 Rooney (R-FL) To stop EPA from using its funding to implement, administer or enforce new water quality standards for Florida's lakes and flowing waters, which were issued in November.

Amendment 109 Griffith (R-VA) To stop EPA from using its funding to implement or enforce new guidance for the review of possible water pollution from proposed coal-mining projects.

Amendment 127 Young (R-AK) To stop EPA from regulating air pollution from Arctic offshore drilling.

Amendment 152 Jenkins (R-KS) To prevent funding the cleanup of pesticides and PCBs from the Great Plains Industrial Park (formerly the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant).

Amendment 192 Biggert (R-IL) To eliminate the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Amendment 198 Poe (R-TX) To stop EPA from creating a cap-and-trade program or enforcing any other regulations for greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

Amendment 207 Jones (R-NC) To block penalties for illegal fisheries activities.

Amendment 216 McKinley (R-WV) To stop EPA from administering or enforcing the sections of the Clean Water Act that govern dredge-and-fill permits, as in mountaintop-removal.

Amendment 217 McKinley (R-WV) To stop coal ash rules.

Amendment 218 Johnson (R-OH) To stop EPA from issuing new rules for the circumstances under which mining may be conducted near streams or from conducting an environmental impact statement on the impact of the rules. Also involving mountaintop removal.