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No FiOS for Me

So I've had pretty crappy DSL service for a while now with Verizon later changed to Frontier. I finally decided to call and upgrade to something faster. My first call was to Frontier to see what they offered, but there fasted DSL isn't up to par with Cable or FiOS. So my next check was to Verizon for FiOS. On the website when checking service and plans I kept getting an errror with an instruction to contact customer service.

Like most people who prefer not to call, I went to the instant chat. I gave the person my info, and said the issue I was having. He gave me the link to see if service was available in my area. He gave me the same link I had just used, so I of course got the same error, which I sent to him. His response was to try back later or call customer service. Thanks for nothing chat help representative.

I next called Verizon to see if they had FiOS at my house. This also involved an extended wait. And after finally reaching someone, I found out they don't offer it. So, Comcast was my only choice at this point.

My attempt to cancel my service with Frontier consisted of calling on the morning and waiting 20 minutes before getting tired of waiting and hanging up. My second call to cancel service also involved another 20 minute wait.

I of course tried there live chat but they can't do anything, except give me a different number to call. The new number only took me 10 minutes to get through though. Apparently I'm not the only one dissatisfied with the service.

In the end I'm stuck with Comcast. Not because I think they are that great, but because I was actually able to sign up for service via the website without any issues.