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The Committee on the Radicalization of America Muslims aka Un-American Activities

Peter King Taking lessons from another extremist right-wing nut-bag Republican, Representative Peter King has decided to begin congressional hearings on the radicalization of America Muslims.

For the few who know a little about recent history, in the 1950's Joseph McCarthy lead the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations , sometimes referred to as the committee on un-American activities, which basically consisted of accusing Americans of being Communists. The result of being accused ended with people loosing their jobs, celebrities being blacklisted and unable to work, and luckily in the end lead to the downfall of McCarthy. Unfortunately, his downfall didn't happen until after he wasted the country and governments time and money on 169 hearings, calling 653 people to testify, and of course destroying numerous peoples lives.

Now Representative Peter King the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee , and Republican from New York, has decided it's time to revive McCarthyism by holding hearings on radicalization of America Muslims. Where instead of trying to prevent acts of violence against Americans, King is helping fuel the flames of ill-will towards the ignorance of this country. Do we ever learn from past mistakes in history? Apparently some people don’t.

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