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House Votes to Defund NPR

NPR crosshairsIn the never ending attempt to block people from receiving news from an impartial source and force them to Fox News, the House of Representatives voted yesterday to stop funding for National Public Radio.

As a campaign promise the right-wing, tea-baggers said they would cut government spending. One of the ways they are doing this is by trying to stop spending for anything they don’t agree with. They want to de-fund NPR. Of course, NPR receives only 2% of it's budget (approximately 22 million a year) from the government, but that's to much for Colorado Republican Doug Lamborn who sponsored the bill that is now on it's way to the senate.

To use 22 million in prospective, the Bush tax cuts for the rich that were approved and Doug Lamborn voted for, cost the tax payers 42 billion dollars a year. And our military budget, that they want to increase, is currently 663 billion dollars.

Do the Republicans really care about reducing government spending, or are they just using the deficit as an excuse to further personal agendas?

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