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Alabama To Blame

Why am I talking so much trash about Alabama you might be wondering. People are dying, homes are lost, and lives are destroyed.

I may not be much on religion, but I am a big fan of karma. In a Gallup poll, Alabama was rated as the most conservative state in the country. Which, of course, means that the majority of people in Alabama don't believe in global warming/climate change. They believe god will take care of them, that speaking out against your country is "un-American," and that gays and lesbians shouldn't have equal rights. When other disasters happen they use terms like, "it's gods will."

Alabama, global warming is happening, whether you believe it or not. It isn't just seen in the melting of the ice caps and rising temperatures. Global warming is also witnessed by more extreme weather patterns. More tornadoes, more extreme winters, more extreme hurricanes, more flooding, more rain, and more heat waves.

Alabama governor Republican Robert Bentley has said that, "he would only accept as his brothers and sisters those who had accepted Jesus Christ as their savior" apparently not enough people in Alabama have done so, because if they had, maybe they wouldn't be getting hit by so many tornadoes.

So let me ask you Alabama, if god is real and global climate change is some left-wing conspiracy, where is your god now?