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Elon Musk is a Douche-Bag

For those who haven't read this somewhere, Tesla Motors, the makers of the all-electric roadster, is suing the BBC's Top Gear. Tesla is stating that Top Gear made false claims and other slanderous comments during a test drive of their car.

I've seen the episode in question, and Top Gear also spoke very highly of the car in parts and said it's the first electric car that a person might want to own. Also, anyone who watches the show knows they speak honestly and make fun of just about everything, including electric cars

Personally, I'm a fan of Tesla and am looking forward to the Model S being released next year. But, I'm also a fan of Top Gear and this lawsuit is just making Tesla and Elon Musk look like a bunch of cry babies about a bad review.

Welcome to the automotive world Elon.