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Douche-Bags on The Bus - Fat Seat Fill Guy

He's a little hard to see, but the back of this head is this weeks douche-bag on the bus.

There are days that the bus is pretty full, and as I've previously mentioned people tend to put bags on the seat next to them so that others can't site there. I sometimes do it as well. 

This guy does more than that. He uses is fat body as an excuse not to share space. And he isn't even that big. He sits in the seat with his bag on the next seat, he turns his body to the side so his legs are taking up the space in front if the seat next to him. He turns his laptop on, and utilizes every inch of space so as to make it clear not to try to sit next to him.

On the day I took this blurry picture, every single seat on the bus was full except for the one next to him. In fact, I've only seen the seat next to him being used once and that is because the bus was completely full, and the last person on had to sit there. I feel bad for that person.


Anonymous said…
Its a shame your one of them who put there bags next to them. It kind of upsets me. I got on the bus the other day and every seat was taken by one person and as i walked up the isle i could see everybody's head down and there eyes looking up and i could feel them thinking 'don't sit next to me' so i said can i sit down please and she seemed so angry i wanted to sit down. I said i pay for my bus ticket as well you know. . . . It happened again so i just grabbed his bag and through to the front of the bus. I hate people. I follow my dream of becoming a songwriter and making enough money to vanish somewhere amazing.
MGD said…
I used to be more open to people sitting next to me, but experience has made me less open. I've had fat people sit next to me, with the fat rolling on to me. I've had multiple stinky people sit next to me, who apparently don't have hot running water and soap in their homes. And people sit next to me who just plain and simply don't understand the concept of staying on their side of the seat.

But, if someone comes up and asks to sit next to me, I will always move my bag and let them. It would just be nice if that person were a little more respectful, clean, or were capable of walking past the McDonald's without stopping in for a Big Mac and gallon of soda.