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Furminator, Great Brush, Sucky Service

I ordered a Furminator (fancy dog brush) on the 7th of April. As a few days passed, then a few more, I began to think it might not be coming. The link they sent me to track my order continually showed as blank for the status and tracking number. So, on Monday the 18th I decided to call. I received a person right away who told me it was delivered on the 13th.

Obvously I didn't have it. With the tracking number she provided me, I called FedEx. The person on the phone said it was delivered as well. She also told me to check my backdoor, garage, and neighbors. I'm thinking if it had been sitting somewhere around my house for 5 days, I probably would have noticed. Since I was positive that it hadn't been delivered to me, she filed a claim for me.

The next day, I received a phone call around 7:30 in the morning. Since I was in the shower at that time, they left me a message, reminding me to check my back door, neighbors, and garage.

I called a few hours after that when I got to work. I spoke to some guy, since the girl who had left the message was busy. He also reminded me to check my back door, garage, and neighbors.

I informed him, as the others, that the back door would involve jumping a fence and making it past the dog the brush was for.

Wednesday, I finally get a call and they tell me that the driver says they delivered it, but since it obviously went to the wrong house they would cover the charge for another one. Leaving me to call Furminator again, which I did that day.

I told the person who answered that they would need to send me another, and bill it to FedEx. I was transferred to someone's voicemail, where I left a message.

On Thursday, after not receiving a call, I called again and was transferred to the same persons voicemail, who once again did not call me back.

On Friday, I called again, and this time no one answered at all. So, later that day, I went to the website and sent them an e-mail threatening to contact the Better Business Bureau, blog about it, and make a fuss.

The weekend goes by, and on Monday I get an e-mail from some guy that says he is sending me the brush. If I would have known that's all I needed to do, I would have e-mailed them sooner, as it seems kind of pointless to offer a customer service number if that number doesn't actually provide customer service.

It's now May 2nd and I finally have my brush, nearly a month later. So was the free shipping and 10 dollars off worth not just going to a local pet store and getting the brush? Honestly no. Using the equation that time is money, I wasted enough time on this issue to where it cancels out the savings in money.

But at least now this harry monster can get a good brushing.


Quorri Scharmyn said…
Look at that cute lady!