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Windows 7 Phone vs Android

I've been using my Windows 7 phone for quite a few months now, and I guess it's probably time to do a comparison with my Google Android phone. Both phones by the way are made by HTC, and serviced through T-Mobile.

Windows 7 Phone

The Good
  • Great e-mail integration for all e-mail types, including outlook for work. I have a tile for each on my home screen. Which is quick and easy to access, read, respond, and file.
  • Integration with Office Live products is pretty nice, although personally, I don't spend much time reading Word documents on my phone. It is a handy feature for those who do.
  • The calendar does a great job of adding all my calendars from different sources into one view.
  • Zune player can sync via the blue tooth updating my playlists and podcasts. Zune player is also user friendly, and allows me to delete music on the phone, unlike my iPod.
  • Browser on the phone does an excellent job of displaying content so that it is actually viewable.
  • Phone navigation is easy and user friendly. Tiles on home page are actually a pretty good way of navigating the phone.
  • Larger screen is nice, and works well for watching videos or Netflix.

The Bad
  • Can't download and set custom ringtones. What the hell Microsoft, that's the number one thing people do when they get a phone is add ringtones of their favorite music of cheesy TV show soundtracks.
  • Can't do much of any customization such as change background image. Options consists of white or black, and a few choices for colors of the tiles.
  • When adding SIM contacts, G-Mail, Live, and Facebook (if using Facebook app) contacts, it adds them to one massive contact list. Imagine if every random person you've e-mail or friended on Facebook were in your phones contact list?
  • Limited battery life, I have to charge this thing every night.
  • Voice navigation requires an additional monthly fee. Not sure if this is a Microsoft or T-Mobile thing, but it's super lame.
  • Camera sucks! Yes it has a flash, but having to press the button on the side each time I take a picture shakes the camera.
  • GPS in the map has a hard time figuring out where I am sometimes.
  • And most importantly, it occasionally won't let me answer calls when someone is calling me. It is a phone after all. It rings, displays the answer call button, I just can't actually select it.
  • My phone doesn't allow for expanded memory, so I'm limited to how much music or views I can add. I've talked to a couple other people with different brands of Windows 7 Phones, and it sounds like some do expandable Macro SD slots. So I'll thank HTC for this super lame lack of an option.


Android Phone

The Good
  • Voice navigation works well and doesn't cost extra.
  • Uses contacts imported from my SIM card only.
  • Has expandable memory for more videos or music.
  • Apps! Largest selection of apps between all operating systems.
  • Can use my own ringtones. Nothing better than rocking out to the Magnum PI them song when people call.
  • Also allows me to delete music on the phone, unlike my iPod.
  • Actually allows me to answer calls.

The Bad
  • No off phone music player. I have to add all my mp3's and setup playlists on the phone… after all ready setting them up in iTunes and Zune.
  • Camera also sucks! In fact I'd say it sucks worse than the HD7.
  • Smaller phone is nice for travel, but videos not so watchable.
  • Doesn't sync multiple calendars. Although, there is probably an app for this.
  • e-mail and text notifications all use same tone. I don't really need to know whenever someone e-mails me, so having the option to set a different text sound from the e-mail notification would be nice.

And the winner is…

There are features of both that I really wish I could take from each and make into one super awesome phone, but since I can't and have to go from what is available now, I'd have to go Android. The apps selection, ring tones, better maps, and ability to answer calls makes it a winner over the Microsoft phone. But, give it another upgrade or two with features I actually want, and the Windows phone could easily end up being my phone of choice.