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Crappiest Movie Sequel List

Over the years the movie studios, with little for original ideas, have take good and sometimes great movies that people love and want to see more of, and ruined them by making a crappy sequel. So, here is my list of top crappiest sequels of all time.

X-Men 3 Last Stand
The series started off great, the second one was almost as good, but the third movie really was crap. Hey, lets just kill everyone off and destroy some national landmarks, without any regard to a decent storyline. Luckily the franchise redeemed itself with X-Men First Class.

Superman Returns
Not necessarily a sequel but crappy enough worth mentioning. I know it is hard to live up to the iconic Christopher Reeves as Superman. The superman that we all know and love, so doing a movie with a new Superman is a difficult task. Add to that a boring plot and lame special effects, and we have a stinker.

The Matrix Revolutions
Another series that started out great and ended with a super crappy 3rd movie.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Kristal Skull
After Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade the trilogy was complete with what some say was the best movie in the series. Yet for some reason George Lucas and Steven Spielberg made a forth movie for the series. And within the first ten minutes we knew it was going to be a stinker, thanks to Indiana being thrown across the desert after an atomic blast in a refrigerator.

Star Wars Trilogy # 2
The first set of Star Wars were some of the best movies of all time, even with the Ewoks in The Return of The Jedi. But when George Lucas answered fans with a desire to see the prequels to those fantastic movies, he responded with three of the crappiest movies of all time.

Ocean's 12 and 13
I can't really decide which of these I dislike more. So I will just list them both and say they blow.

Batman and Robin
People like to blame George Cooney for this movie sucking. As if it's his fault the script sucked, the costumes sucked, and pretty much everything about the film sucked. Maybe people should considering giving some of that blame to director Joel Schumacher and the producers of the movie.

Note: I will continue to update this list as time and crappy sequels continue to happen. Or as people remind me of ones I missed.