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Lame Football Penalties

I was watching Monday night football this week and watched one of the players get a penalty for taunting. Maybe I don't watch enough football but that was the first time I witnessed someone get a penalty for taunting, which made us watching the game that football has to many lame ass penalties.
I can understand penalties such as unnecessary roughness and other ones that might cause injury, but come on taunting!?! That's part of the fun of playing sports is taunting your opponent.

Some Other Lame Penalties:
  • Equipment violations - If they want to play without a mouthpiece, let them.
  • Running Into the Kicker - Come on! It's football, the point is to hit people.
  • Illegal Celebration - The players don't mind it, the fans don't mind it, in fact the only people who have a problem with it are the ones who made the rule.