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Why is it that there are no hot geeky girls? Just because a girl is hot throughout high school, why does she have to be a dumb cheerleader instead of a hot chess club girl?

These are questions I've pondered recently after a co-worker sent this dating site to a few people- Geek to Geek.

I'm not looking but figured I'd go check out the site anyway. I found in Seattle, between 25 to 35 that all geeky women spend most of there time sitting at home playing video games eating chips and ice cream. I shouldn't say all, because there were a couple that looked good, but for the most part, spending all night sitting in front of your computer isn't good for the hips. Now, I'm sure this post will offend a few out there, but it's true. Of the profiles, I looked through the girls were overweight, ugly, or both. Mostly both.

And unfortunately, this has been my experience personally as well. When I'm out meeting women, the hot ones tend to be so uninteresting that I can barely stand to talk to them long enough to take them home for the night, let alone have a relationship longer than one night with them. And the geeky girls, unfortunately, just the opposite. Super interesting to talk to, but I have a hard time finding myself desiring them even with the lights off.

So geeky ugly people out there, a dating site had been created just for you so check it out. And if there are any actual geeky and hot girls out there, let me know ; )