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Overrated Movie List

Some movies deserve the hype they receive, while others just show that some people are idiots.

Yes the special effects were cool. But come on short attention span generation, the one dimensional characters, the predictable storyline, the cheese ball love story, this movie does not deserve to be the top grossing movie of all time. I'd rather watch Titanic again.

This Academy Award winning film is the best remedy for insomnia. I've attempted to watch it three times, and have fallen asleep every time.

People love this film for reasons I will never understand. Overacted, unbelievable, and totally overrated. Just like Al Pacino's career.

Lost in Translation:
I did actually like this movie, but I didn't love it. And I've talked to many people who just loved it. Anytime anyone says it is their favorite movie of all time, I kind of want to kick them in the twat.

The Kings Speech:
Yawn! Need I say more.

This is another one that I liked, but couldn't force myself to watch again. When the movie came out, people were talking about how it was going to revive the western, and how it was Eastwood's best movie, and the Academy Awards were all about this movie that year. I love a good western, and this was not a good western.

District 9:
I like the idea of this movie, and everyone else liked the movie. But come on, Aliens with super awesome technology that they don't use on us because they are addicted to cat food and end up living in a South African ghetto.

Dances With Wolves:
Excluding Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, has Kevin Costner ever done a decent movie? No, yet he has a career which included a film of him hanging out doing nothing.

2001: A Space Odyssey:
Another snore fest. Apparently the angry chimps at the beginning are the same who actually always talk about how this is a fantastic, intellectual, well made sci-fi flick .

Liked it, didn't love it. Don't feel the need to parody the accent after watching it, and for sure, don't want to watch it again.