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A Country Without the EPA

With the budget debates, many Republican congressman have attempted to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of it's funding, while others have tried to get rid of the EPA all together. Which leads one to wonder what would the country look like without the EPA?

According to an article in the New York Times, 100 freelance photographers roamed the country in 1972 with a goal of "documenting 'the environmental happenings and non-happenings' of the decade."

So for the anti-environment people out there, here is some photographic evidence of why we still need the EPA and what would happen without government regulation of industry. Because, at one point in the past they didn't exist. And what we were doing to the country is what created the need for them.

A view of Cleveland captured in 1973 by the photographer Frank Aleksandrowicz
The city dump in Moab, Utah, in 1972
Burning Discarded Automobile Batteries, 07/1972

Warning of Polluted Water at Staten Island Beach Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in Background 06/1973

Note: For the anti-EPA Republicans. The EPA was actually signed into law by a Republican president. Because at one time in American the environment was an issue for everyone, not just liberals.

To view some more of these DOCUMERICA photos visit flickr