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Paul Shin And Same Sex Marriage

In Washington State there is an attempt to legalize gay marriage via the legislature. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not gay, but I do support equal rights for all regardless if the debate is over race, gender, or sexual preference.

I've also posted in the past on my opinion of my state district 21 representative Paul Shin. Supposedly he is a Democrat, although I find that hard to believe based on the environmental damage he causes through all the pointless mailers he sends out. Whenever he is up for re-election I attempt to persuade voters to vote for his opponent, whoever that opponent might be.
According to The Stranger the legislature has 23 yes votes, 20 no votes, and 6 undecided or unknown. One of the unknown is my representative Paul Shin. I use the term representative loosely, as I've generally found him lacking in his representation of my political beliefs.

I've already e-mailed him urging him to vote in favor of gay marriage as I believe everyone should have the right to subject themselves equally to the misery of marriage.

I would like to urge others to do the same.

Paull Shin, D-21
Contact: 360-786-7640