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Sound Transit Reduced Route Ridiculousness

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As of yesterday, community/sound transit has revised a large number of routes. And by revised, I mean, canceled a large number of routes. One of the canceled routes is the 414 which I used to take. Instead of taking that, now I have to catch a bus at my park a ride, take it to another park and ride, transfer to a bus that is totally crammed full of people, and add about 20 minutes to my commute.

As usual, when they cancel routes they use the excuse of not enough money. I'm not sure how canceling routes helps though, as they are now not making money from those riders, and forcing people to use cars which increases congestion on the roads.

How about this sound transit! Three easy steps to gaining revenue instead of cutting costs:

  1. Fix the Orca card readers so that they consistently work and charge people.
  2. Get rid of the free ride zone in downtown Seattle. If someone wants to take the bus, they can pay for it.
  3. Start charging people to ride the South Lake Union Trolley and the Light Rail. Thousands of people rides these each day, and using the honor system for payments doesn't work. You would be creating jobs by having someone work the system to verify people are paying and have enough left over to bring back my bus route that was usually full.

If I get pulled over in my car without a seatbelt I'll get a ticket. Yet it is perfectly legal to cram a ton of people on a bus so that they are standing in the isles.