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Why I stopped Donating to Nonprofits

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am a bit of a environmentalists. In doing my duties to save the planet and animals, I've donated money at various points in the years to different nonprofit agencies.

Unfortunately, now, whenever I check my mail it is full of crap from the nonprofits that I gave money, asking for more money. Why should I give money to an organization that isn't going to spend it on the cause I care about, but instead wastes that money killing trees to fill my mail box with crap I don't want asking for more money?

WWF: has mailed me something every months since I donated to them over a year ago. And, I only gave them $25 bucks.

Sierra Club: sends me a packet of post cards each month that I can mail to people, but end up going in the recycling.

The Nature Conservancy: has provided me with envelop labels that have my name spelled incorrectly on them.

Save the Chimps: has gone so far as to actually mail me a canvas shopping I didn't want, and still don't want. And to be honest, I don't even remember ever donating them.

Green America: aka Un-Green America mails me a very large envelop of stuff as well most every month, even though I have never given them money.

I've even received letters from Robert Redford asking me to save some animals in Alaska. At least he could do is give me a few tickets to Sundance as a thank you.

Most of these organizations include with the packet of crap a self addressed return envelope with pre-paid postage. So I get the joy of taking the flyers, stickers, and other paper products out of one and putting it in the other and mailing back. So not only are they wasting money I and other people have donated on all the paper, they are wasting it on postage each way as well.