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The Demise of Brick and Mortar Stores For A Reason

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Brick and mortar stores are closing down all over the place. One of the reasons they are providing for this is the increase in competition with online retailers. Yes, I'm sure prices having something to do with it, but with the added cost of shipping and most places charging tax now, the prices aren't always that much better.

Customer Service: By going to a website, searching for what I want, and placing my order virtually, I don't have to deal with waiting in line or dealing with rude or unknowledgeable sales people.

I recently took a trip to my local Sears in search of a new microwave. I specifically stopped at Sears first as I know they aren't doing well financially, and I wanted to help them out. After looking at the microwaves and not having anyone offer assistance, I tracked someone down. That someone then called someone else to help who was supposed to be knowledgeable on the products. She was not knowledgeable. So I went to Best Buy and bought one.

Availability of Products: When going to a retail location, I try to choose a local business instead of a chain. This can be difficult to do at times, but can be accomplished.

Besides blogging, I have a few other hobbies, such as collecting coins. My collection isn't fancy, my coins are worth face value as they are circulated, but it's still a hobby. I decided to start collecting state quarters and presidential dollars. So, I went to a local coin shop to get a couple of albums for these collections. The proprietor of the shop had the presidential dollars for sale, at 3 bucks each, but he didn't have any albums available to put them in. And the one album he had for the quarters was lame, leaving me to do the thing I usually have to do, I went online and ordered the albums I wanted. Never to shop at his store again.