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Where The Police Are

We have had quite a few shootings in the Seattle area recently. And as always, when there are shootings people start going on about the need for more police. I however start going on about the need for police to be utilized effectively.

This Sunday, at around 8:30 in the morning I had to drive a 20 mile stretch of I-5 from Lynnwood to downtown Seattle. On the drive I passed two separate cop cars who had people pulled over for speeding. I also passed 3 police cars lined up. The first was the one with the radar gun, and the second two were ready to go when the first one tagged someone for speeding.

As I was getting close to my exit, I was passed by this cop. He obviously wasn't going after someone, but he was going over the speed limit and if had been a civilian he would have been pulled over.

At 8:30 on a Sunday morning, I counted 6 police cars who had nothing better to do than write BS speeding tickets to people going to church or wherever else people go at that time of day. And that is just the ones I saw. I'm sure I probably passed a few that I didn't see.

We do not need more police after the shootings, we need police to spend more time going after real criminals, rather than contributing to their salaries by writing unnecessary speeding tickets.