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Why I'm Done with Sears

Recently I posted on some of the reasons why brick-and-mortar stores might be seeing a decline in business, such as availability of products and customer service.  After a recent visit to a Sears located at the Alderwood Mall in Lynwood, WA I have reinforced my belief in the previous statements.

My Kenmore dryer stopped working, and after spending $200 dollars to fix it a little over a year ago, I decided not to spend another $200 and just replace it with another newer model of the same. Bright and early I jumped in my vehicle and cruised to Sears, parked, and headed to the appliance section. As I walked up the stairs there was a guy who looked like the salesman working on some paperwork. He appeared to be in his early 40's, and I expected might have some actual knowledge on the products being sold. Which is better than my last visits to Sears where the person working had no clue about how the microwaves they sold worked.

It is early in the morning and I'm the only customer in the appliance section. I quickly find the new model of my Kenmore Elite dryer. The style hasn't changed much so it should match well enough with the washer, not that I care much about matching washers and dryers. The guy still hasn't come over to offer assistance so I start looking at a few of the other dryers, a few other models thinking maybe I will upgrade to something fancier if they have a deal on a good one. I walk around, open and close doors, read labels, look at prices, and the guy still hasn't offered assistance. By this point, he as moved over to a little shelf desk area with a phone. I look up as a woman in her late 40's and nicely dressed walks through the area. The salesman says, "good morning, can I help you with anything?" The lady says no and keeps walking. The guy then picks up the phone and places a phone call.

Sure, I was wearing cargo pants and a t-shirt, but it's not like they were scruffy, or I looked like I had no money. I also have a $45 dollar, overpriced, haircut, and a clean shave. Along with a job that allows affording a new washer and dryer if wanted.

So after the snub, I decided I'm done with Sears. Financially they aren't doing well and if it weren't for the Craftsman brand tools probably would have already gone out of business like so many other stores the past few years. After leaving Sears I head over to the Best Buy where a clerk working greats me as soon as I walk up to the appliance section. I tell her I'm looking just for a dryer, don't care if it matches my washer, and how much I want to spend. She shows me two models in my price range, doesn't try to upsell me and offers great customer service. On top of that, they were offering free delivery and removal of the old dryer. So I bought my new dryer, scheduled a time for delivery, and have every intention of making them my first stop when my washer craps out. And have no intention of stopping at Sears.