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Heat Waves and Global Warming

Whenever we have a winter in the Unites States with excessive snow or cold, all the right-wing tea-baggers start spouting off that the weather is proof that global warming is a hoax. Anyone with any intelligence knows that seasons fluctuate and one cold winter doesn't prove anything. But, I have noticed that we have two summers in a row with excessive heat and droughts. So why aren't the right-wing tea-baggers going off about the proof of global warming? Oh, I know, because they are right-wing tea-baggers.


Anonymous said…
Actually, the fact that parts of the the north east have had colder and wetter than usual summers for the past 8 years prior to this one may have had something to do with it. I live on a lake. Hard to listen to people telling you its getting warmer when summers are cooler and water level is higher. Finally, after quite some time, weve had a drier than usual summer this year. That gets attention. We simply don't complaint about warmer winters up this way.