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Facebook Sucks!

You might think I wrote this, as I also have a hate, hate relationship with Facebook. But I didn't. This Cranky Contribution is from my gal pal Chiwi

My biggest pet peeve with Facebook is not the random thoughts of everyone, including myself, being posted at all hours of the day.  I can easily ignore them or even better, if I really don’t want to see someone’s posts because I only accepted them as a friend out of pure peer pressure, I can totally hide their information from my news feed.  They, in turn, can do the same with my postings. 

Further, I’m not even bothered by the one million notifications a day I get because, again, that’s something that I can pretty much control by changing my account settings.  They were nice enough to update Facebook to give you that option.  I just haven’t gotten around to it so from time to time, I do get annoyed but it’s my own fault.

Nope, the lack of privacy and the easy access to my personal information are also not the reasons why I’m bitching and moaning.  When I joined Facebook, I understood what I was getting into and I don’t share anything that I don’t want to bite me in the ass, say if I ever try to seek a political career perhaps.  Plus to some extent, you can control the privacy of your page though perhaps not your whole life history.

What bugs me about Facebook may actually seem pretty silly to some but it’s always in the back of my mind.  They’ve forced us to accept the new “timeline” feature, they keep coming up with updates left and right, apps, surveys, pokes and prods but they can’t tweak it just a little so a person can have background music to their page.  I don’t know why this irritates me so much but it does.  This is why I liked MySpace better.  I was able to add a profile song that came up when anyone opened my page in addition to a series of more songs that would play throughout the time that someone had my profile open.  But alas, I was forced to move to Facebook as more friends and family migrated their way there.

For someone, like myself, who finds the music she listens to representative of her personality and moods, it seems pretty silly for Facebook to leave something like that out…since your profile page is supposed to be a personal reflection of who you are and how you define yourself.  Unless I add apps or videos one by one, I can’t just have a song (or series of songs) play while someone is looking at my profile but by God, I have a new Timeline with a cover photo of one random day in my life.  That sure is a reflection of who I am.  

I’ve closed my Facebook account several times in protest of many things about it that I dislike but then I miss all the good stuff that friends and family post.  So even though I probably won’t close my account anymore as I’ve gotten myself in the habit of only checking it a few times a day (unless I’m deathly bored as was the case today) I think Facebook sucks!  

By the way, I know you can add apps so as to add your music but that annoys me as well!