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A Day at The Market

Cranky Contribution from Nicky Fox

At the Edmonds market today buying fresh veggies and fruits, admiring all the cute puppies walking around sniffing the food. Had myself an existential moment when I stumbled upon a estate booth in the middle of crafts and produce booths. It was strange, I've never seen someone selling a dead person's things at an open market. It was morbid, but I decided to take a look and see if there was anything interesting I might like and I found a box of her jewelry. I looked at the prices and I was saddened to see that most of it was going for 2.00$ or less, to think at one point this woman had probably delighted in picking out these unique pieces of jewelry only to have them at the end of her life sold off like junk. But really that is all our shit ends up being, junk that someone in our family has the misfortune of having to dispose of after we die. It made me feel very insignificant at that moment, kind of like a speck of dust that could be blown away by the wind. What have I done in my life to make an impact, what will be my defining moment? Who knew the Saturday market held so many serious thoughts.

Not totally unmarked by the people at the end of the market with a political booth where they claim Obama is Hitler and stand their with their unsubstantiated claims about how our president is evil. I wanted to say something snarky but after this week and my existential moment I just didn't have it in me.