Veep Drinking Game

Restaruant Brats

A contribution from foxynik 

  Restaurants are too child friendly these days allowing people to bring their loud screaming children who run through out the table. Isn't the point of going out to a nice restaurant to leave the children at home and revive the romance that was lost since you squirted out a mini clone? Who wants to have a child interrupt their adult dinner, or even worse rudely interrupting other people's dinners; especially those who choose not to birth tiny little brats. Not only are you taking away from the ambiance the restaurant worked hard to create, you are taking away money you could be giving to 12-15 year olds who can't get real jobs yet so they are reduced to the demeaning job of taking care of child terrors. So before you think about bringing your little squirts out to your local sit down eatery just do us all a favor and eat at home.