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Why I'm Smarter Than You

I really shouldn't say "you" in the heading as I would imagine most people who read this blog have similar opinions and intelligence to mine. But, saying I'm smarter than most tea-bagging conservatives  isn't as inflammatory and for the most part pretty obvious. Want proof?

Where We Get Information:
A study done by the Fairleigh Dickinson University, polled 612 people to find out that people who watch Fox News actually know less than people who don't watch the news at all. People who listen to NPR (me/you) or watch Sunday morning news know way more.

Yes, I do tend to make spelling errors and grammar errors often when posting to this blog. But, should I ever go protest something, I'd probably spellcheck my sign first unlike these teabonic retards.

When you point out flaws in their religious views or the out of context passage from the bible they are quoting, they respond with anger and hatred. Just like Jesus would.

Physical Health:
Now, this isn't all situations as a few friends of mine are a little overweight and also happen to be super intelligent people. But, according to multiple studies on the benefits of exercise the average overweight red state resident does show a corolation between weight and political agenda and intelligence.

Personally I have started to put on a bit of a belly, so I've started eating better and exercising.  Would I say it makes me smarter? Probably not, but I do feel healthier.

Global Climate Change:
It's easy to pretend something bad like global warming doesn't exist, or that God will save us. But global warming is real, whether people believe in it or not. And when scientists and intellectuals believe in something, and rednecks and tea-baggers don’t, I think I'll put my hat in with the higher IQ crowd.

Low Quality Pseudo-Reality Television
History channel, Discovery Channel, TLC (formerly The Learning Channel) and the big 4 are all full of reality television showing off dumb Americans looking for a few minutes of fame. We used to have history on the history channel, now we have truck drivers, driving trucks.

In Summary
Personally I tend to take studies with a grain of salt, as they can be misleading in the sources of information, number of people used, ages, locations, etc. But, when reading multiple studies done over time in multiples areas, it's pretty obvious, I may not be smarter than you, but I'm certainly smarter than the average conservative, republican voting,  church going,  American.   


Anonymous said…
Nicely done! Well said and well written. Seriously! I don't always agree with the Cranky Monkey ;) but this blog was probably one of your best ones yet. (and this post might show up twice...)
MGD said…
Well thanks.