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Fox News Anchor Caught…

I go to today and the top trending item is, "Fox News anchor caught". So, of course, I click on it, thinking, Fox news anchor caught… in men's room at a truck stop with underage hooker, or dead on the toilet after brain aneurysm, or choked on a meatball sub, or admitting that Fox news isn't actually news, or in dance club toilet with ounce of coke, or in bed with cross screaming "let Jesus fuck you." The list could go on as we have so many likely possibilities. Unfortunately, the top trending item on yahoo today has to do with an anchor dancing to a song during a commercial break. BFD!

yahoo and fox news

Thanks, Yahoo for tricking me into clicking on the link, and thanks to American, for being retarded and caring for this kind of crap.

not interesting news

No wonder nobody uses Yahoo anymore.