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NRA Response to Gun Restrictions

Contrary to most of my left-leaning beliefs, I am in favor of an individual's right to own a firearm. And, with the recent shootings, I believe that we should focus on mental health over gun restrictions. Now having said that, there is nothing wrong with restrictions. We have restrictions on speech and other amendments to the constitution. So why not the second amendment?

The NRA came out today in response to the Connecticut shootings, making statements that we need "armed security" in every school and "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." And, I'm sure to remind every politician out there, how much control they have over the political process. I've always been neutral on the NRA, but after this, I'm am now anti-NRA. I'm still for gun ownership, but can't support such stupidity in statements. So, instead of funding art and math, already underfunded schools should be paying security guards? According to one estimate about $18 billion dollars a year.

 It's interesting to note, that the right-wing, who always spouts off about individual rights, seems to also be associated to parties that are trying to turn this country into an Orwellian police state: Warrantless wiretapping, holding people in prison without trial, torture, and a cop on every corner. If they want to live in that type of world, maybe they should move. There are a few counties in the middle east already like that, I'm sure they will be happier there.

For now, how about a little dialog about gun restrictions and mental health at the same time. And not making dumbshit statements like, more guns are good. Especially considering, per capita, we have more gun violence than other first world countries.

Guns don't kill people, the person pulling the trigger does. The gun just makes it a lot easier.