Why Can't Women Cook Anymore?

Women's liberation, burning bras, equal pay for equal work, it was all supposed to make us equal. So, why is it that women can't cook anymore?

 Let me give you a couple of examples (not necessarily in order, or about the same person

Example 1:
Girl spends the night and decides to be nice by cooking breakfast. At first this sounds great, except she attempts to cook the hash browns in a pot used for boiling. The hash browns end up burning almost ruining the pot, and the house filled with smoke.  The hash browns came from a bag.

Example 2:
Girl lives next door to her parents. So instead of cooking for herself, she just walk over to her mother whenever she is hungry. Fully admits that she can't cook, and has no desire to learn how to cook. Not an issue until her mother passes away, or she moves to a location not next door.

Example 3:
Went out with  a girl and mentioned I liked open faced turkey sandwiches. So later on, to be nice she offers to cook me one. I gladly accept, not knowing she actually has no idea what one is. She shows up with some left over turkey and basically tries to make a regular turkey sandwich, just without putting the two halves together. 

Example 4:
This is more of an honest mistake, but funny enough to call it out here. A girl I was seeing, went to put a frozen pizza in the oven. A while later we go to check on it, and notice the smoke from underneath it, where she forgot to remove the cardboard from the underneath side of the wrapping.

Moving beyond the examples, in most relationships I'm in, I have a tendency to do most of the cooking. A good friend of mine, always does the cooking in his relationship. He is a good cook, so great, but still interesting to note that he does most of the cooking as do  I. now before I get a response from a bunch of angry women, this blog is about my experience and that I would say more than half the people in relationship I know, the men do most of the cooking. This doesn’t' mean, there are not plenty of women who also do cooking, and not that I am saying there is anything wrong with it,  but it is interesting to note the dynamic change over the years.  And it would be nice to get invited over for dinner and not have to pretend to like whatever the girl is cooking for me.