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My Online Pharmacy Experience

my online pharmacy experience
Like a lot of people these days I have a hard time sleeping. Sometimes, I might try my doctor for an Ambien prescription, which I'll take every once in a while when I am having a hard time sleeping. But thanks to the increase in prescription medication addicts out there, doctors are getting more stingy to the rest of us, making it harder to get a valid prescription.

About a month ago, I decided to try one of the online pharmacies Sure the prices are higher than what I would pay with my insurance, but I don't take them that often and figured it was worth a try.

I placed my order, and supposedly to confirm the order, they needed to contact me, which involved giving them my phone number. They called, I confirmed the information and the prescription arrived. I studied the drugs to make sure they matched online images so that I was sure I wasn't taking anything bad. I tried half of one that night and slept fine.

However, since then they have begun to harass me daily with phone calls trying to get me to buy more. They call at 7:03 AM and again at 7:04 AM, again at 11:00 and so forth and so on. They call so often, anytime I see the number, 1-800-340-6598 or 1-888-277-2060 on my phone I already know who it is. Yes, I've now memorized the 800 number just from seeing it so often. And I've started turning my phone on silent or airplane mode each night so it doesn't wake me up in the morning when they call.

Unfortunately,  since they added me to the stalker call list, instead of getting me to order more from them again I have decided never to order from them. I won't ever use them again, and would recommend the same for others. and have to give BestRXPill4U, (or whatever they have changed their name to) a negative review. 

My advice to anyone interested in trying one of these online pharmacies is if they want your phone number for any reason to go elsewhere.