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Let Me Off The Bus

The bus I usually take in the morning, is a nice double-decker, clean, and the passengers usually don't reek of B.O. as most are professionals like me, busing into the city for work.

The other day, I hit the button to get off at my stop. A stop that multiple people usually get off on. The bus comes to a stop, so I get up and go down the stairs. Another lady who was sitting on the top floor follows me down. As we get to the door the driver shuts it. I look at him:
Driver - You want off here?
Me - (looking back to the girl, then to the driver) that is why we walked down the stairs.
He opens the door.

Why am I writing about this? 1. because I haven't posted in a few days. 2. Because the bus driver was a impatient douche. 3. just because I was thinking of it, and am sitting in front of my computer