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The You Tube Party

I've notice this trend over the past couple of years, and maybe it started earlier and took me this long to notice, but it's a trend and it is lame. I call it the You Tube party. This is exactly how it works. A friend has a party or a little get together. We have a couple drinks, if there is food we eat, and we chat with one another. We see what's going on, tell stories, do whatever it is that people do when they get together in a group. Then, at some point someone will bring up a funny You Tube video. They will then pull up the You Tube video on a TV that has it built in, or pull out a laptop and start showing the supposedly funny video to people.  Think about it, how many parodies of Call Me Maybe have you seen at a party vs. the ones forwarded to you. After the first video is watched, it then leads to another video, and then to another and before you know it you have all just spent the rest of the evening staring at a screen watching stupid videos.

It has gotten to the point that I actually have gone to a friend's house, watched some video that he showed me, went over weeks later and he tries to show me the same fucking video. Seriously people! Get fucking lives! It is stupidity like this that convinces stupid people to video themselves being stupid and posting it on You Tube. So, if you want to sit around and stare a screen watching stupid crap, do it on your own time, and stop inviting me over to watch it. If I wanted to sit around watching stupid You Tube videos, I would do it when you forward one to me instead of deleting it like I do now.

Now go check out The Cranky Monkey on You Tube… Not really. I might have a stupid blog but for the time being, I don't have a stupid You Tube channel. And even if I eventually do start one, I won't force guests to my house to watch it. They can do it at night when they are crying themselves to sleep for being douche-bag.