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Beemer Back in the Shop

Last weekend the weather reached the upper 70's, which, anyone who lives in the PNW knows is not something that happens often, and is great weather for taking the motorcycle out for a ride. Unfortunately, as seems to be the case with the BMW, it wouldn't start. After cranking it quite a bit it eventually started but ran like crap. So, back to the dealer it went along with another video of the problem.

On the plus side, a couple of days later when they called me, there wasn't any question of the issue like before, and lack of belief in was it was telling them. This time the guys at Ride West knew exactly what the problem was, another bad injector. So they replaced it and took the bike out for a few shakedown rides and told me I could pick it up today. I brought my helmet and jacket in to work, ready to bus on over to the dealer after and get the bike. That was until they called me today. Today, I received another call that after the shakedown ride they found they also need to replace the fuel pump, which they ordered later in the day yesterday, and now the bike won't be ready until next week. So, I get another nice weekend in Seattle without a motorcycle. A motorcycle that I now only want to get running so I can sell it and stop having to deal with the piece of junk.