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Remember the 4th Amendment

You know what is funny about the right-wing. They are always ranting about the second amendment. "Don't infringe on my rights to a well-regulated militia." Yet they don't seem to have a problem with the government trampling all over the rest of the constitution.

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This week we have found out that the government is reviewing millions of Americans phone records, text messages, and e-mails without probable cause, under the guise of preventing terrorism. Which seems to be the magic word for the right-wing. Mention terrorism and the fourth amendment's just goes out of the window.No questions.

For the conservative readers who only know the second amendment; the fourth amendment is the one that prevents the government from unreasonable searches and seizures. Which is exactly what the government is doing. They are searching personal information on American citizens in the hopes of finding a criminal, in complete disregard of the fourth amendment. 

So, how about you tea-baggers get out the misspelled signs and go protest this one? Since you rant on about the constituent  as a whole without even knowing what's in it.


Anonymous said…
Yes the government is watching us, but I mean aren't our interests being tracked by Facebook, youporn, google and other sites. I really think we as a people don't have the right to be so surprised. I mean we've been studies and marketed to for years... Why do you think we have the urge to buy certain things? I'm not saying I agree with it but come on now, the shock is kind of unwarranted. I dare them to check my youporn cashe...perverts.