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Done With The BMW

For anyone who might actually be following along with the saga of my 2010 BMW F650GS POS (readable here) and wondering what is up with it after my last update of it being back in the shop? Here is the update and last post I will write on the subject.

After it's last visit to the shop, they replaced the fuel pump and jets again and as usual I started it up without issue and rode it home. This time however, I was able to start it later that evening and the next day. So it seemed the problem had been fixed. I took it for a ride the following weekend, and it did start a little slow and made me nervous as it did, but it did in fact start. So at that point I felt comfortable putting the thing up for sale. I was previously worried about the bad karma associated with selling bike, but since it seemed to be starting consistently now, I felt better about selling it.

So I posted it on a few sites listing the extras I added, and listing it for what I thought was a fair price.

After a week or so of no responses I did some comparisons and lowered the price. to make it consistence with what others were selling the same bike for. After this, I had a few responses but none of them sounding reliable or serious. So, I lowered the price again. This was during the summer months when I thought it would sell well, but apparently anyone interested in buying that particular model has been reading my complains about it. Anyway, I was running out of time on the sale, due to a move, so I was forced to take it down to the dealer and have them sell it on consignment. The fee was a little higher than what I thought fair, but since I was moving I don't have the option of continuing to sell it on my own, and waiting for someone to buy it. I took a loss and learned a valuable lesson of don't buy BMW motorcycles. And so my story ends.