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Church Goers Ignore Fake Homeless Man

Skimming the web this morning I saw this headline - "Mormon Bishop Poses As Homeless Man To Test His Congregation’s Compassion".

When I clicked into the story I wasn't surprised by what I found, that most of his congregation was rude to him. Many years ago I worked for Starbucks and we all hated working Sundays because after church we would get the church crowd. The church crowd being consistently rude, arrogant, and cheap tippers. Which makes sense of course, they just went to church, they are going to heaven so need to be nice to us heathens who are going to hell for working on a Sunday to make the overpriced coffee drinks they order. And no need to be nice to a homeless man, because as we all know Jesus taught us we are better than anyone who has less than us. 

I wonder how long this lesson was learned by the church, or more specifically how quickly they forgot it.