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Ways Women are More Shallow than Men

Women like to imply that they are not shallow, they act as if they are the better of the sexes preferring personality over body. I however disagree and have met a few men who disagree as well. Let's see some examples of why women are more shallow than men.

Is He Funny?

Ralphie May
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They always say what they really want is a man with a good sense of humor.  He just also has to be good looking. Go to a Ralphie May standup routine, and see all the good looking girls there laughing at his jokes, then look and see how many of those girls are there with guys that look like Ralphie. And yes, I know his wife is a hottie. There are exceptions to all rules, and it doesn't hurt that he's famous.

Good Looking?

Way Women are more shallow than men
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 Ever hear the phrase, "tall dark and handsome." That's not something men say. Women will openly reject a man because he is too short. I don't know many men who reject women because they are too short, or too tall.

According to one study of over 12,100 people they found that when it comes to finding a man women "focus less on finding a good 'provider' and more on superficial things such as physical attractiveness." in the same study they found that men "tend to increasingly value traits such as intelligence and strong personal character over youth and beauty" 

Another study I read  was conducted with fake online dating profiles, 4 were put up, a very attractive man, an unattractive man, a very attractive woman, and an unattractive woman. Who got the least amount of responses? The unattractive man of course. If men are more shallow, shouldn't the unattractive woman have gotten the least amount of responses? 


It's all about the money. Any women who say she doesn't care about money is full of shit. Yet they will all say they don't. Women will only show a preference for a less attractive man if he has considerable financial wealth, versus a good looking man that has limited cash in the bank.

On the subject of money, a man can even be a total jackass as long as he has some, and women will still flock to him. A friend of mine was able to verify this when he set up a fake online profile making himself sound like a complete jerk, yet also make himself out to be a rich doctor. You can guess how the results of this study turned out. Women seemed to have no problem giving him a pass on his attitude.

Look Around

kisses from the bunnies

I  was talking to a guy the other night who used to work on a cruise ship. He told me there were tons of young hotties with old men that would go on the cruises. I'm guessing they weren't on the cruise for his old world charm and winning personalities.

Ask yourself how many tall, dark, and handsome, rich men out there are suffering from loneliness? It's not due to his level of shallowness, it's the level of the women who want his schlong in her crotch.