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Star Trek Fan Film Sued

Interesting article here worth checking out. Basically, a group of people is making a really well produced Star Trek fan film is being sued by Paramount.

The argument is that this film is really good and they don't want that out there. And judging by the preview I actually agree. I personally can't stand the reboots. They are basically sci-fi action films with no useful story. What these fans seem to be doing, is making a film that is actually more true to the original films with story and dialog instead of constant action sequences,and lens flair everywhere.

I do see the point to an extinct as this is an owned intellectual property, that they are in essence ripping off, but if CBS and Paramount were smart instead suing them they should offer to partner with them and help them make the film. It would be good for the franchise, good for the company, and good for anyone who misses Star Trek and wants it back to the way it should be.

Here is the link to the article.