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Where Were All the Women in November?

It is interesting to note that with inauguration day this weekend that we have since seen protesters all over the world, mostly women, protesting President Trump. I'm curious where all these women were before he was elected? Yes, there were some protests before he was elected but not to this number? 


If millions of women and a few men were out this week protesting him, how many of these women actually voted this year? In fact in the United States the ratio of women to men his higher, with approximately 51% women to 49% men. And in key states like Florida it is  51.1% women to 48.9% male, according to the 2010 census. So women, if you suddenly care so much where were you?

I would imagine that a large number of these protesters did in fact vote, as political activists, but it would be interesting to know how many didn't. As a male who voted for Hillary, I am a bit annoyed at all these women who didn't vote and are now suddenly against the pussy grabbing, multiple times married, wife cheating, prostitute using president of the United States. Although I was already annoyed at any women who actually did vote and voted for Trump. 

Even Trump is calling out these protester...

I don't know if celebrities hurt causes but in a country where we are always hearing about the pay gap, the glass ceiling, spousal abuse, and more when it comes to men and women, it is crazy to think that nearly half of the women voters voted against their own best interests.Yes, actual women who voted nearly half voted for him.  

When I rant on how the country is getting dumber, I want the women out there to know that it's not just men getting dumber, it's you as well!