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Old People Vote Against Themselves

It's an odd thing about voting in America. The older you are the less likely you are to vote in your best interest. For example the Republicans usually get votes by older Americans. In the last election 53% of the people over 45 voted for Trump.

And now that Republicans are in control of all branches of government the healthcare bill includes these items:

Loosen the age-band so insurers can charge older folks more. Under Obamacare, insurers could only charge older enrollees three times more than younger policy holders. The GOP bill would widen that band to five-to-one, which would hike premiums for those in their 50s and early 60s, but reduce them for younger folks.

End enhanced federal funding for Medicaid expansion. It would also end the enhanced match rate for Medicaid expansion for new enrollees starting in 2020. Those already in the program could stay as long as they remain continuously insured. States that have not already expanded would not be allowed to do so, starting immediately.

But hey on the plus side for old people, the bill will also defend planned parenthood. We don't want those poor people to have access to birth control anymore, to prevent them from having children and then ending up on welfare.