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800 Billion and Growing

We have now been at war in Afghanistan for 16 years and thanks to the recent announcement by Trump we will be there longer. The US government so far has spent $800 billion dollars on the war. A number that will keep going up.  "More than 2,200 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan, as well as thousands of allied forces. Tens of thousands of Afghan civilians and military have also died in the conflict." according to CNN

total dead in afghanistan

Hmmm, how could $800 billion dollars be more well spent?

  • NASA's budget is $18.5 billion so we could have massively expanded that and might have people walking  mars by now if we had spent 16 years focused on exploration. 
  • The national debt is $19 trillion dollars, so we could have paid a bit of that. 
  • We could expand healthcare to Americans. Help people instead of kill them. I know it's against the ideals of American but something to consider. 
  • cleanup some of the 1322 superfund sites in the US. 

The list could go on but why bother. This is American, nothing will change. We will keep wasting money on wars. It's the American way after all!