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More Big Government by the Party of Small Government

It is always interesting to talk to conservatives about one of the things they vote for, which is small government and reduced spending. Yet, whenever the Republicans are in control of the government, as they are now, spending goes up, the national dept goes up, and still they are supposed to be the party of conservatism. And oddly we haven't heard much from the cut spending Republican media and voters lately.

For example the latest budget "CONGRESS SENDS TRUMP $700 BILLION MILITARY SPENDING BILL" They are increasing spending on the largest areas that the government spends money on all ready. In 2016 we were spending about 600 billion and now they want to add another 100 billion. In comparison the government spends 19 billion on NASA.

Where are all the tea-party voters now? You remember those windbags in the Obama era that were complaining about rising dept and increased government spending. They voted a bunch of Republicans into office that were supposed to be fiscally conservative. Where are they now when the party they voted for us the one increasing government spending on an already bloated military. Where are they now that the Republicans are proposing tax cuts to be paid for by deficit spending? It is interesting to see how quiet they are now.