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Google Screwing The Little Guys With New YouTube Monetization Rules

YouTube Screwing People
In response to some big time vlogger YouTube has decided not to police those blogs but to punish small YouTube channels by making it harder for them to receive ad revenue sharing.

 Last spring vlogger PewDiePie said a bunch of racist stuff in a few videos and YouTube responded by requiring new channels to receive  10,000 views before they were eligible for monetization. That's fine, I guess, except for I don't see how it impacted PewDiePie since he received millions of views.

Then recently vlogger Logan Paul posted a video of a dead body from Japan's "suicide forest" In response to that YouTube now requires that channels have to have 4,000 hours of watch time in the last year, and 1,000 subscribers. Anyone who doesn't meet the criteria can't make money from ads from February

Both YouTubers have millions of subscribers and viewers. So these changes to policy are not going to impact either of them at all. In fact the only people impacted are the small channels. The ones we aren't making millions of dollars a year. The impacted ones are the channels that make a few dollars a year. These channels are often by people who work other jobs and do videos more for the joy of it, and the little bit of cash they get out of it.

Basically we have big business doing what it always does, which is screw the little guy and do nothing to punish the ones who make them money. Now YouTube can show ads on people channels and not pay people for them.

I've decided to respond with a partial boycott of google product. It is easy to avoid YouTube as there are alternatives like Vimeo, that actually have better content. I've never been a fan of gmail so that isn't an issue for me. I've switched to DuckDuckGo as my search engine. Just leaving this blog hosted on blogger and my android phone.

boycott YouTube
 I figure a little boycotting is better than nothing at all.