Ultimate Beastmaster Drinking Game

drinking game
If you have not seen this show, you can find it on Netflix. The show is pretty simple a group of people from a few countries attempt to complete an obstacle course called The Beast.


  • When someone tells a sob story. ("My parents divorced." "I was an orphan." "my sister died" etc)
  • Whenever anyone mentions how they are doing something to make their children proud.
  • When one of the hosts makes a bad pun or joke based on the contestants profession.
  •  When a contestant hits a point thruster.
  • When any contestant finishes one of the courses.
  • When we see a contestant for the first time wearing a flag, or headband, or other paraphernalia item with a countries flag on it. 
  • When someone is injured to the point of seeing blood. 
  • When a contestant falls into the water. 
  • When one of the commentators goes into the booth of a commentator of another country. 
  • Whenever a professional rock climber makes it to the finish or final obstacle. 


 These games are intended for entertainment purposes only and recommended for non-alcoholic drinks. If you choose to drink alcohol please do so responsibility as the creator of these games will have no liability in your poor decision making.