Veep Drinking Game

10 Sings You Are a Republican

  1. You think Fox is a reputable news source.
  2. You know what the second amendment to the constitution is, but don't know the first or third.
  3. You still care about Hillary's emails.
  4. You know that global warming is a hoax and a mythical figure in the heavens is real.
  5. You think Ronald Reagan should be on Mount Rushmore.
  6. You think Barack Obama was born in Kenya.
  7. You don't think the government has the right to tell people what to do unless it is a woman's body.
  8. You are anti-taxes but always support more military spending.
  9. You think immigrants take the best jobs like fruit picker and house cleaners.
  10. You regurgitate what you are told by the party elders and media without knowing what the words mean.
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