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Trump's Tariffs (Taxes) Hurting His Voters Most

There is something mildly rewarding to learn that the people who voted for Trump are the ones getting hurt most by his trade war with the rest of the world.
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Canada and the EU placed tariffs on American whiskey. A significant amount of whiskey is distilled in Kentucky, a state that voted for Trump.

Canada placed tariffs on US steel and aluminum. I have no idea how steelworkers as a whole voted, but Mike Pence's home state of Indiana is the largest producer in the US.

 Harley-Davidson has said they will need to move some motorcycle production overseas. This could result in the loss of a few jobs here in the US.

Mid-Continent Nail, the largest U.S. manufacturer of nails, based in Missouri has laid off 60 of its more than 500 workers after U.S. tariffs on steel imports raised its costs by about a third due to an extreme drop in orders. Owners have said they might end up going out of business entirely leaving 500 people out of work.

Car prices will be going up. American car manufacturers get parts from all over the world. The tariffs will cause those parts cost to go up, with that price being passed off to consumers.

The cost of beer will go up. The 10% aluminum tariff will add on an additional $347.7 million in costs for American brewers, which of course will get passed on to those redneck Budweiser and Coors drinkers.

Solar Panels - Most panels are manufactured in China even the ones owned by US companies, so now this renewable resource cost will go up. Although I'm sure, all those people who spend there lives in the ground digging coal and dying from lung disease will be happy.

China has placed tariffs on 128 different US products including fruits, nuts and wine. This could hurt US exporters of those products.

But if you were concerned about Ivanka don't be. The tariffs won’t touch Ivanka Trump’s foreign-made products for her fashion line.

Coca-Cola is raising the price of a can of Coke due to the additional aluminum cost. So not only is this one hurting those who work in aluminum factories it is hurting the rest of us who want a Coke.

Ball Metalpack - The Colorado company has laid off 91 of its 500 U.S. workers the 25% tax on imported steel.