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Cat People Are As Bad As People With Children

"Catty has the cutest meow, and she is such a chatterbox."
"Catnip is so cute when she snuggles up to you".
"Catty can't be left alone or...."
"Catnip did the cutest thing the other night…"
"When catty had to get ear drops for an ear infection she was so sad…"
"When she threw up, it was so disgusting I almost threw up myself."
"Here let me show you this picture of…"
"She is so cute. Isn't she the cutest…"

crazy cat people

The quotes go on and the thing about them is they are interchangeable between parents with little kids and people with cats. Both of these I often experience in my life when I go over to friends with either kids or cats. Yet, what's interesting is how in some ways one group of the people looks down upon the other. The people with kids often have the attitude of, "Oh your life just isn't complete until you have had children". Versus the cat people that are like "my cat is my child."

They both get worried when leaving the little one in the care of someone else, they both worry about what to feed the little one, they get toys, buy Christmas presents, snuggle, take selfies, setup Instagram and Facebook accounts, and when I am out with either they contribute to the quantity of alcohol, I drink throughout the night in order to stand to listen to them.