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Right-Wing Comments on YouTube to Christine Ford

I, like a lot of people are following the hearings of Brett Kavanaugh and the testimony of Christine Ford. So far, three women have accused him of sexual assault but Christine is the first to testify as she was the first to come forward. Watching her, as a male, I totally sympathize for her. We hear often about how scared women are to come out in cases like this due to the ridicule they receive. Her stories of the harassment she and her family have received by people are utterly offensive and support the reasons why women are scared to come out about stuff like this.

Right-Wing Comments on YouTube to Christine Ford

I watched Christine's testimony on CNN as it a reputable source of news. But I decided to head over to the Foux News site to see what people were commenting as to the testify, and reading what people are writing it further supports why I am a liberal and why the country is doomed.

For example:
Frankie M​: she should be willing to look judge c in the face if she really wants to get through her "newly found courage" to deal with this and help the vagyna movement. 

Besides misspelling vagina, something he apparently doesn't know much about. She is looking everyone in America in the face to give her testimony. Frankie M, it is easy to criticize on the internet. It is much harder to get up and tell a traumatic story from your childhood to the word. I'd say her vagyna is a hell of a lot more courageous than yours. 

nioctib​:Top university grad? What a joke. Low IQ right here

I'm assuming you are talking about yourself when you use the words "Low IQ"

Scott Krenz​ This whole thing is ridiculous. She is a hot mess she seems coached and pathetic. If she was truly in the situation she claims she would be angry and confident. She has ZERO confidence

Really? Scott, are you an expert on how a person should behave in these situations? Were you sexually assaulted as a 15-year-old, then forced to testify before the public 30 years later?

Sally Sheldon​ I DECLARE that Brett Kavanaugh WILL BE VOTED IN!

I agree since the Republicans are desperate to get another conservative on the court before the midterms.

Erik L​ she is an obvious sociopath lol. glasses hide her crazy eyes though.

You're an idiot!

Kim WiliamsSo what is he going to do? Throw a man in jail for feeling up a girl in high school?

It's not a question of putting him in jail, it is a question of should he be a supreme court justice. It is an issue of character.

Eliud Diaz​ For a gang bang victim, she sure is smiling a lot

Any gang bangers out there reading this? if so, please track down Eliud Diaz​ and gang bang the shit out of him.

It goes on and on, but it is almost all negative and hostile and offense and is proof of what is wrong with American and many of the people who live in it.